Mette Ulsø – Ridhwanlærer

As a Ridhwan teacher I am a part of the Ridhwanschool’s  international team, which are teaching in the spiritual way called Diamond Approach, founded by A.H. Almaas. 

In Denmark I give individual inquiry sessions and teach in Diamond Approach workshop and doing book groups.

I have been student of the school since 1996 and have been ordained teacher of the Diamond Approach since 2017.

In my professional life I have been a General Practitioner in Copenhagen until 2013.

What motivates me to do the teaching is the love for the work. I feel I’ve been given so much, and now I wish to pass on all what I have received.

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Gertraud Bluntig – Ridhwanlærer

Gertraud Eder-Büntig has been working as a group leader in the field of Humanistic Psychology since 1983. She is an ordained teacher of the Diamond Approach since 2015.